June 8, 2012

Calvin and his Collections

So lately Calvin has it in his head that he wants and needs to collect things, which I must add is starting to give me anxiety in the past two weeks we've had the following conversations:

Calvin: "Mom, I broke your glass."
Calvin says this, carrying a pile of broken glass upstairs into my office.
Me: "Oh my gosh, ok can you please give that to me carefully and I'll just go throw it away."
Calvin: "No, I want it for my glass collection."
Me: "You don't get to have a glass collection its dangerous." Then I proceed to take the glass and throw it away.

A week later...

Tye (Calvin's friend): "How come Calvin has broken glass in his closet?"
Me: "Good question." (Then I get up to see where the glass is.) Sure enough its the same pile I had thrown away. "Calvin, what is this doing in your closet?"
Calvin:"I told you its for my glass collection."

A few days after that he asks Will about the worms they had taken fishing the week prior. Will proceeds to tell them they are in the fridge in the garage. Calvin retrieves them and starts to play happily with them. Dissecting them, etc. Just doing his overall best to gross me out. Will tells him to just dump them in the garden. I don't see or hear much about them, and assume he's done that. Until 3 days later when we are on the way out the door to school.

Calvin: "Mom, I really liked those wormies, so I put them in my transformer box."
Me:"What?! sick?!" Scream I dunno, overall freak out session. "Calvin please go get the worms out of your transformer box."
Calvin: "No, I like them, I want to keep them."
Me: "Well they can't live there, can't they live in the garden, or at least the garage?"
Calvin: "Ok, fine but don't tell dad."
Me: "Fine, just get them out of your transformer box."

And today....

Calvin:  "Mom, I have an egg from daddy."
Me:"What kind of egg, like a chocolate egg?"
Calvin: "No, a white egg from the store."
Since Calvin hasn't seen Will since last night, I'm getting concerned.
Me:"So where are you keeping this egg?"
Calvin: "In my room."

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