March 29, 2011


So now that Calvin has taking to choosing his own clothes to wear, he has forgone my "skater boy" look for a more athletic one...and persists in wearing basketball shorts 24/7, rain, snow or shine. Anyhow, I finally succumbed to the idea (more like I was tortured with him only wearing the two pairs he already had every day) and got him some new athletic wear that he was very excited about. So excited, the cute boy drew a picture of himself, even adding the word on his shirt! It's so fun watching him draw, as he so intently observes the thing he is trying to draw.

When he is drawing a picture of me, I hear, "Mom, you have heet (feet)?"

"Yes, I have feet."

"Let me see." So I show him my feet. And the conversation goes back and forth as he observes, asks and draws the rest of me. It's pretty stinkin' cute!


Andersons said...

I, too, am a fan of dressing my son in "skater boy" clothes. No mom wants to relinquish control of such cuteness! Love his drawing...what a talent he has!

Carolyn said...

He's totally cute!

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