November 10, 2009

Fatherhood 101: Movies

So last night I relented and let Will watch Calvin again. I come home and they both are intently watching Full-Metal Jacket. Seriously, Will? His argument: "It was the only movie he wanted to watch. Out of all the movies, he picked it out cause of the guns." Um, ya...still not okay.


The Cliftens said...

Yeah, I came home the other day and Jefe was watching Transformers 2 with Lola. I was like, hi? maybe a little scary for a 3 year old? His response "I just told her they are tickling each other when they are fighting" seriously.

Carr Family said...

anytime there's a swear word on a movie Brian will try to disguise it with an incoherent and very loud "blahblahblahblah!" And I just have to laugh at him for drawing the kids attention to it each and every time.

Anonymous said...
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