November 7, 2009

GLove and Jason Mraz

Friday was Killers and Saturday was this luciousness, yummy yum yummdiddlicious :) I was hoping he would remember me from our little dance on stage back at Harrios in 2003, and invite me back on stage, or at least throw me his harmonica...but no such luck :( Some other chickadee in front row got it. Anyhow, he was as amazing as ever, his voice, his vibe, everything...So here is GLove for you to stare at.
Me and Meg
more GLove
Meg and Me Jaleese and Me
Now for Mrazypoo. And don't get me wrong, it's not that Mrazy isn't yummy, but him being the size of my pinkie docks him a few points. His voice, amazing! Loved him!
Dall, Hevynn, Helam, Hema, and Jaleese

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