November 14, 2009


So it cracks me up watching Calvin play lately, and noticing how more and more he is using his imagination. Or coming into a room, and not realize he had been there but find a setup like this:

First of all I had no idea he had that iceberg sheet, it came with something my sister bought him and there he has laid it all out and set up his animals and car. By the way the animal cards are also played with like figurines.

He has also been very into building towers and finding spots for all his figurines and toys, and then actually asks me to take a picture.

And now apparently he's into race tracks, and since he doesn't own one, had to build his own. He was driving his car up and down it. It was pretty dang cute.

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Jessica said...

I love this post because Maren amazes me every day with her imagination. She is so creative with her play. I checked out this book out from the library about children's imaginations. I can not think of the name, but will let you know.