April 18, 2009

Easter Weekend… Saturday

DSC_2566-1We started our Easter festivities by taking the kids over to a little shindig put on by one of the Christian churches.  It was a ton of fun. They had blow up slides and jumping things galore, and Calvin was especially glad to have lots of special help from his cousin Katelyn.  DSC_2532-1 DSC_2544-1 DSC_2539-1 

















Poor little Brooke was trying to get over an ear infection, so she wasn’t to eager to play on anything, but she seemed to enjoy watching from her mommy’s arms.


Afterwards, we headed home to color eggs. Calvin got the hang of it right away, although he ended up dying his whole hand in the process. And Jaleese and Bug made great assistants, so Ashley and I could play photographer.




These are Katelyn’s perfectly colored eggs in rainbow order.  Brooke’s were all pinks and purples and Calvin’s were just whatever.  It was fun to see their differences in style and application. 














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