April 18, 2009

Easter Sunday

calvin_easter copy



We started off Sunday morning with an Easter egg hunt over at my mom’s house. Calvin loved it, but had a hard time staying focused and was completely distracted as soon as he found his basket from the Easter Bunny.


Brooke and KatelyDSC_3067-1n after finding their goods.


After finding their baskets we moved to the “outdoor” egg hunt. Calvin picked up a few eggs and I did my best to keep him focused, but the “Tramping” trumps an egg hunt any time. And Brooke was hilarious, because she didn’t want any wet eggs (from the wet lawn). So Kyle was trying to go around and dry them all before she would pick them up.DSC_3082-1



I was pretty bummed because most of my Easter shots of Calvin were over-exposed (still learning how to use my camera) but I still thought the above one was cute.


Andersons said...

Oh my goodness - Calvin's little outfit is to die for! Great pictures. :-)

Leslie and Dave said...

You guys look great. I love your jacket.

Jessica said...

Oh, Calvin's outfit reminds me of the outfits my little brother used to wear. So handsome!

Jacque Hansen said...

That weekend was so fun! Calvin is always lookin' like a ladies man for sure. Blue or yellow, your jacket is still cute, hah!

Kirsten Brockner said...

your post didn't update on my list...anyhow Calvin's outfit is WAY cute!!! I love it. wait till he won't let you dress him how you want. I had to bribe Beau to wear his easter jacket...

Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

So Cute! Can you come and take pics of Fischer for me? Maybe dress him too? I'm glad you had a fun Easter!