September 15, 2011

Optimus Prime's First Day in Pre-K

Calvin started his last year of pre-school last week. He was a little bummed he no longer had the same teacher, or in a class with the same friends, but overall he is adjusting well, minus the fact that he now wants to change his name to Optimus Prime.

Calvin:  My name isn't Calvin anymore, it's Opitus Pwime (Optimus Prime).
Me:  Ok, Optimus Prime did you decide you didn't like Calvin anymore?
Calvin: No, its a pretty name not an awesome name. Opitus Pwime is an awesome name. Can you tell my teacher dat I'm Opitus Pwime now?


Carr Family said...

I bet you wish you'd thought of that name when he was born... it is awesome.

Erik & Marcie +2 said...

Oh man, he is hilarious! So glad to hear you are cancer free Rani! Love all the updates. :)