September 19, 2011

Calvin-On how not to be sexy...

So today was the first day I put Calvin's new school jeans on him.

Me: Oh my gosh you look so sexy in these! (FYI he hates wearing pants so I keep thinking the flattery will work).
Calvin: I'm, not SEXY! You are!
Me: No way, I don't have sexy pants on. You are definitely the sexy one.

Then Calvin proceeds to pick at his nose.

Calvin: No, I picking my nose, so I not sexy.
Me: Yup, you're right, now you're not sexy anymore.

1 comment:

Erik & Marcie +2 said...

lol that is awesome. What is it with boys not wanting to wear pants? I have to fight with my son to get him into jeans as well. Stinkers!