December 19, 2010

I too Hick to go to tool...

And even though going to preschool has gotten better, he still has his days.

Calvin: Mom, I torry I can't go to pwe tool today I too hick to go to tool.
Me: You're sick, what's wrong?
Calvin: I don't feel dood, I too hick to go to pwe tool.
Me: Me, that's too bad. I hate when you are sick and still have to go to preschool.

Seriously, how has he figured this one out already?

He went on that occassion, but I did relent 2 weeks ago when he says:
"Mom, can i pweas not go to tool. I too hick. I need to tay home and get better."

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Carr Family said...

what a stinker... a super cute one anyway!