December 19, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Calvin started preschool this year. I wish I had taken his picture the day he had orientation, because he was super cute about it. He goes to A Step Ahead, and they had given him a t-shirt the day i signed him up in May. Calvin instantly loved the t-shirt. I on the other hand didn't love it...I have to admit, even though I love his preschool and teachers, I'm not fond of the logo. A pair of sneakers from some free clipart site I'm sure. Anyhow, Calvin wanted to wear the t-shirt day and night, so I finally hid it, and forgot about it. The day I am getting Calvin ready for orientation (3 months later), I tell Calvin, ok, we gotta go get dressed for pre-school. And he says, "I gotta wear my pwe tool shirt." Oh, right that ok, and I have to admit the thought crossed my mind, "does wearing the school shirt on orientation day make you nerdy??" Regardless, it was too cute that he remembered it and was anxious to put it on. So out the door he went in his pwe tool shirt.

So school has been a bit of a challenge...and although he loves it now, it took about a month of tears and cohersing to get him to stay. Whenever I picked him up he would say he had fun, but that he didn't want to go back. Finally bribes from both my mom and I got him to go without crying, and without fail every day I drop him off he always says, "Mamma always comes back." He has yet to trust Will with dropping him off though.

And when I ask Calvin who his best friend is..."Da kid wid da fat cheeks like dis, (And then he proceeds to puff his cheeks out)." Does he have a name? Calvin, "I dunno his name but he has fat cheeks like dis, (And again puffs them out). I like him mom, can he come to my house and pway?"

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