July 31, 2010

Discovery Center with Brooke and Katelyn (and Emily)

Over Memorial we hit up the Discovery Center with Katelyn and Brooke, which is Boise's little science museum. The kids had the best time. Calvin was being his usual ham, so we have lots of fake smiles, but the T-Rex pic cracks me up the most, only because I sat there and watched as Calvin, first had to pet it, then the growling noises began...and then next thing I turn around and the T-Rex was eating him!

In the green room being turned into camera spiders.

Goofball in the eternity mirrors.

Giant bubbles, turny thing, bed of nails and cute legs....

I think the biggest hit was the kitchen, at least with the girls.  I'm pretty sure they could have spend all day here!

They also loved the veterinary clinic, although by this time, Calvin had turned into the hulk, which wasn't making Brooke too happy. His idea of fun was to throw the animals and furniture around.

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