July 25, 2010

Conversations between Calvin(3) and Declan(6)

Calvin: Declan let's pway wid my Batman and Hooperman tape!
Declan: okay.
(Calvin brings out his capes.)
Declan: This isn't tape at all.
Calvin: It's my batman tape!
Declan: Tape is what you put on paper to hold it together, this is a cape.
Calvin: Oh.

Declan: What are you doing?
Calvin: Wahing my heet.
Declan: Those are feet.
Calvin: I wash my heet with hope.
Declan: Those are feet. That is soap.
Calvin: Oh.

This is after calvin falls off the skateboard and lands under the truck...
Declan: Calvin, are you okay?
Calvy: I hine, I hine.
Declan: huh?
Calvy: I hine, I hine
Declan: hine???
Jill: hine means fine.

Calvin throws shirt in fan and declan laughs and laughs, so Calvin does it again and says:
Calvin: Dat's so honey Declan. I'm a honey boy!
Declan: That's not honey. I don't understand. You like honey?
Calvin: Oh.
Jill: Honey means funny.


Andersons said...

For real, I just laughed out loud for 5 minutes. Classic!!

Carr Family said...

so cute! Can't wait to see you!