April 7, 2010

Little Sleeper

This is rare, very rare. Anyone that knows my kid, knows he's 100 percent energy from sun up until down. To get him to sleep at night I usually have to give him "scratchies" to calm him down until he goes to sleep. We've reached a point that naps are getting harder, and so I have tried on occasion to not nap him, and usually regret it. A. I risk him falling asleep later, then ruining his bed time B. He turns into beastie boy. So this was one of those occasions, I found him asleep in my office chair. I wish I would have videoed it, Will and I were totally laughing as his poor head was flopping all over the place, and he stayed completely sound asleep. It's times like these that make up for moments like the next post.


Carr Family said...

the drool is hilarious. Such a cute boy!

Liz said...

The drool makes that picture!