April 7, 2010

The Joys of Having a Toddler...

So for those of you that don't know what this is, it is my wacom tablet pen...in pieces. I was downstairs making lunch and Calvin proudly brings me this pile of parts and says, "Look mom, I break it!" I turn and look, and was really hoping my eyes were deceiving me. When I realize just what it was, I just started screaming (see mom story below). It's all I could do. Calvin's proud face turned into a look of horror and he knew he was in trouble. "I torry mom, I toe torry, it's a assident mom, I torry!" I march him up to his room and he's screaming, "I torry I toe torry," over and over.

I'm trying to find all the pieces and put them back together, calling Wacom to help me, and the guys says, "Ya those weren't meant to be taken apart." Duh, really? So he guides me putting it back together, and when we are done there is still a piece laying beside the pen and not in it, which I tell him about it, and he's like, "hmmm, I'm not really sure, I've never put one back together."

I say, "Well it seems to be the piece that should hold the eraser up, is it not?"

"I don't know mam, sorry I can't help."

"Awesome, you guys rock."

So $80 bucks later I have a new pen, at least it wasn't my $350 dollar tablet. Nevertheless, now when I leave the room, my pen and tablet get hidden.

Mom story:
So it was this particular incident that I realized I was just like my mother. My mom being a pretty patient person, it took a lot to upset her. I only remember one time that she got super mad. We had been playing with her crystal glasses, and pretending to toast,we knocked a couple of them together, and the stem just fell off one glass. We let her know what happened, and she did exactly what I did with Calvin, and just started screaming. I feel bad admitting this, but we just thought it was pretty hilarious, we'd never seen her do that before. Although, we knew better then to let her see us laugh. I just realized as I replayed the situation in my mind, that I had reacted in just the same way:)

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Carr Family said...

that cracks me up because I've seen your mom try to get mad at you before, it doesn't really work for her:) I love your mom, she is the most patient and kind person!!