February 20, 2010

Pee Broccoli

So I'm continually surprised in the things Calvin comes up with to say anymore. Sometimes I think, wow he's getting so smart and other times I just don't know what to think...

Today I was making Calvin's favorite for lunch, a corn dog and broccoli. Lucky for me he's easy. He normally likes to help me put on all the condiments, which is just ketchup for the corn dog and then lemon juice, salt and pepper for the broccoli. He was busy playing, so I went ahead and got it all prepared. So I told him his lunch was ready, but since he didn't see me get it prepared he says, "No mom, pee!"

I said, "What?"

Calvin repeats, "Pee, mom!"

I ask, "You want to go pee?"

"No, mom, pee from da fridge!"

"Pee from the fridge?"

Calvin, "Oh." (Oh means yes, by the way)

Then it dawns on me, "Oh you mean lemon juice?"

Calvin, "Ooohhh."

Luckily, I figured it out, because he tends to get really mad when you don't know what he's saying, but seriously, did he really think I had been putting pee on his broccoli all this time?


Carr Family said...

that sounds appetizing! I don't think I've ever known a kid to love broccoli with lemon. He is such a cutie!!

Jacque Hansen said...

haha he is so cute