February 20, 2010

Discovery Center

For our "Playschool" field trip in January, we went to The Discovery Center. For those of you that don't know, The Discovery Center is Boise's own quaint little science museum. I loved it growing up as a kid and was glad to see that Calvin had a great time there as well. They have a great program for preschools and kids, with special daily activities. We went for Spider and Insect day, and the boys got to learn all about Spiders and Insects. They had some fabulous puppets, great stories and a fun art project. Here is Calvin's hand spider.

I absolutely love it. It was such a great project for little kids too. The web was made by placing the black paper in a pie tin, dipping a marble in white paint, and then rolling it around inside the tin. We then helped by tracing their hands and cutting them out, but Calvin did the web and face all by himself!
Calvin, Logan, Liam and Dalton at their favorite activity....GIANT bubbles! Who can blame them though?
The vacuum ball thing...Calvin was obsessed with just holding the tube for the boys.
The shopping experience was also another favorite. It was so cute, they did not have this when I was growing up. The checkout actually worked, and there was play money for the boys to pay with. As well as credit card machines. Gotta teach 'em young!
Bed of nails...I had to get on this action too. Curiousity got the best of me and I wanted to see if it hurt. Calvin thought it was pretty cool, but Dalton wasn't so sure.

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Kirsten Brockner said...

Isn't that place so fun?! My kids love it too. Scarlett wanted to go every day and play at the grocery store after I took her. We should go together sometime.