July 26, 2009

Meridian Dairy Days

Enjoying some more white trash summer events and spending our hard earned pennies on ghetto fabulousness. At least Calvin loved it, that's all that matters!

Teenage Mutant Ninja flying dragon ride???

Calvin's totally a boy and loves making sound effects for everything. It's really cute. He has all the animal sounds down, airplanes, cars, and guns. I love this pic cause you can see him making his shooting noises.
This little boy was Calvin's age or younger, I had to take a pic of his perty hair-do. That's Meridian Dairy Days for you...

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Rochelle said...

I have that monkey backpack and its the best thing ever. I bought Connor a puupy one. He hates it though because he thinks he has freesdom then no. Can't wait to see you soon!