July 26, 2009

By the way, I got bangs again...

For those that don't have facebook, this is about 2 months old, but I tried to do bangs again, and this is the first and last day I wore them, even though I'm in different outfits, it's the same day. I started out with my hair down, but Will told me that it "wasn't hideous", that I just looked "old." So I put it in a pony, to try to look younger, however his comment haunted me, and the bangs have been pinned back ever since. Bug said, she thought I didn't look "old" as matronly, that I just looked "old" as in 80's...hmmph. I was trying for the Taylor Momsen, however she's a lot "younger" and has a lot less hair. So I am posting the only pictures and the last time I am trying bangs, I swear!

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Kirsten Brockner said...

I like your bangs! Who cares what Will thinks.... I just remembered you had bangs in highschool too:)