July 1, 2009

Dirt...best thing ever!

My mom had some new dirt brought in to plant some new trees, Calvin had a great time playing in it and sliding down the mound.

His Gollum impersonation.

The clean up.


Jen said...

He is so adorable Rani! Great work at capturing such fun boy moments.

Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

Seriously - you take amazing photos! I mean it certainly helps that Calvin is totally gorgeous- dirt and all - but really... fabulous pics. Someday I'd love for you to photograph Fisch and little No-Name.

Chris, Erica, & Avva Kinnersley said...

What adorable pics. I love them. Can't believe how fast Calvin is growing. We are going to try to make it out to Boise in the fall. Chris's dad is flying his plane here for the 24th. When are you coming to visit again?