July 12, 2009

Bug's Graduation

I'm behind on my posting, but here's Bug's graduation. Bug will be attending UVU on a cross-country scholarship this fall. This also makes Jill and empty nester at 42. Crazy that Jill's family is leaving the house, and I'm just starting mine.

Getting the Diploma

Throwing of the hats, that's bug's hatless head.

Bug's very first kiss!

Congratulations Buggy...We love you!


jillustrator said...

Words of wisdom: An empty nest happens one bird dropping at a time.

Hartley Family said...

she is super pretty . . . but I've always wondered, as you talk about her often in your blog and referred to her as 'bug', what the heck is her real name?!

Rani and Will said...

Funny. I'm sure a lot of people wonder that. It's Kaili, but she never goes by that, in fact she has asked her mom about getting her name legally changed to Bug.