March 28, 2009

Vegas...The Strip

DSC_2031-1 We started our evening at the strip by first visiting the "flamimos." Definitely a highlight for Calvin. He loves all animals, but "flamimos, giiraaf,and bebras" are amongst some of his top favorites. Thankfully we were able to see all sorts of them in Vegas, real, stuffed, and fake.


DSC_2073-1DSC_2086 Calvin's checking out this crazy looking bird. I have no idea what it was, I forgot to read.


Cutey Carter, so nice that he is willing to pose for a picture! I wish someone else would...


Me and the boys, don't mind my crazy hair...DSC_2038-1

DSC_2125-1Yeah, we found a "Bebra!" And a giant giiraaf too, all for only $300 bucks each. He also really really wanted the miniature baby grand piano for a mere 3 grand. Gotta love FAO Schwartz! The disappointment of the evening was finding out they sold the giant floor piano from "Big." I guess 50 grand is 50 grand, but man so sad, I thought that was a FAO Schwartz staple.

Calvin was also extremelyDSC_2137-1 fascinating with the store employee who could juggle and skateboard at the same time. Two of Calvin's favorite past times, and no he can't really do either, but holy cow, he sure tries. Calvin has had his own skateboard since he was 18 months old, since he was always fascinated with watching the kids across the street. And Will can juggle so Calvin always wants to try. I'm sure its not long before he's doing both.


Jen said...

Great pics Rainy!
"Flamimos" are awesome birds.
Calvin knows what's cool.

Please tell me you didn't buy a stuffed toy for $300.00!

Looks like you had a great vacation.

Rani and Will said...

OH I did not buy a $300 stuffed giraffe. I'll learn to sew before I spend that much on a stuffed animal!

The Merricks said...

Tell Calvin I will take him to the mimos every day if he comes back.