March 28, 2009

Vegas...The Strip Part Two

IMG_4932-1 copy2Hanging out in front of the Bellagio waiting for the show to start. I swear every time we are there we just barely miss it. Calvin is doing his best to never look at the camera.



IMG_4910 copy






And the show finally started, putting Calvin into a trance and Carter into a giggle fest. It's pretty hilarious, Carter has always had a thing for water as long as I can remember. It's just cute being able to watch them both be so entertained.IMG_4937-1 IMG_1389 copy

The Bellagio Botanical Gardens never cease to amaze me. Those are streams of water shooting across the walkway. They were really cool, however, some 40 year old mature piece of dog poop decided it would be clever to stick his hand in it while I was walking under it. IMG_4905 copy IMG_1369IMG_4893-1 copy


Leslie and Dave said...

Is it me or is Calvin's hand down your shirt?

Rani and Will said...

omg I'm horrified, ok I switched it out, I can't believe I didn't catch that.