December 17, 2008

The Good Samaritan

We woke up early Sunday morning to lots of snow. I excitedly got Calvin ready, in some get up. I realized I needed to purchase him some snowboots, mittens, pants, but we made due. Anyhow, Will was nowhere to be found, mysteriously his trucks were there, his phones where home, yet Will was completely missing. After awhile, and Calvin and I are still outside, we see Will walking up the road with his snow shovel. Apparently he'd been out shoveling all the neighbor's sidewalks, since early that morning. I was distracted by Calvin, so unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Will's head.


Erik & Marcie +2 said...

What a great guy! I'm sure you had some very appreciative neighbors!

The Merricks said...

I like his hat!