June 1, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Visiting Dad's grave.

Calvin and Grandpa Child

Long day!

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Brockner family said...

Cute of Calvin, but I have to ask about the holster?!

Rick and Annie said...

Where is your dad's grave? Love the pix of calvin and the holster is the best. My boys us to wear them around when they were younger and sometimes still do. love it!!

Denise said...

he seriously looks like such a stud in his big fat belt buckle. I love how we can just dress our children in whatever and then they learn to love it because we love it. I would say that little holster has definitely become his signature accessory! Kimball's superman backpack is starting to rip and has lost it's flare, I gotta come up with something new!

Chris, Erica, & Avva Kinnersley said...

Calvin is turning out to be a very cute cowboy!

kelliej said...

Rani, I must admit I have been stalking your blog for some time. I love seeing Calvin's updates...he is so freaking cute! My advice on swimming lessons would be to go as much as you can this summer before he starts and put him on his back (like Ruby was in her lesson) every once in a while...so he's not in shock when they flip him over. Hopefully, it will be a breeze!