June 4, 2008

Never stick your hand where you can't see...

So I was in the pool with Calvin, and he keeps pointing to the filter thing saying, "Ball, ball!" He had been playing with a couple of those splash balls and the filter seems to suck up everything so without thinking I stick my hand in to grab the ball, when I encounter not a ball but something furry. I couldn't remove my hand fast enough. I admit I'm a screamer, and when a situation particularly upsets me I can't quit screaming, particularly when it involves encountering reptiles, insects, and rodents. So screaming and screaming I pull my hand out and quickly remove the cover of the filter to find a dead mouse floating in it. I'm sure someone would have thought I was getting murdered, and for a brief instant that thought actually seemed better. Needless to say I had the hebbie jebbies for the whole rest of the day, and then some. Ughhh, I shutter even now just thinking about it.

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