February 16, 2014

Sick Valentine's

The whole family has taken turns being sick this week, with Z and I getting the tail end starting on Friday night, best Valentine's ever! Z started throwing up first, and I about an hour after. Good times, good times. My favorite moment, was when I was holding her as she is puking in a bucket and then thinking she is done I set it down. She starts puking again, so I quickly grab the bucket again (a little too quick) and it splatters fresh puke across both of our faces. She wasn't a fan, but quit frankly neither was I.  Thankfully she is super sweet and easy to love. She spent the entire weekend only wanting to be cuddled by mom, and watch Barney's for hours on end. Loved the cuddling, but Barney got old real fast!

And this cute boy kept busy by building this!

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