January 5, 2014


Calvin has been so busy with his Legos over the break. He is rebuilding all his old Ninjago sets. We had all his Legos organized by colors in different sacks, but we are close to the end, he just has a few things left to build. Along the way its been a challenge trying to keep Z away from the Legos, of course she wants in on the action too.  As we are building, we have come across some missing pieces, so I have been having Calvin circle the missing pieces in the catalog so I can order them.

It's Sunday morning and only Zander is up right now. She is playing at her little desk and I hear her open it
then she gets down off the chair and comes to me and holds out her hand and says, "Mine."


I can see a flash of what appears to be Legos.

I say, "Zander let me see."

She shakes her head no and pulls her hand away and says, "Mine."

Finally, after going back and forth she lets me see and sure enough, little girl has been hoarding Calvin's Legos in her desk. How they learn to be a stinker at such a young age is beyond me, but dang being a stinker at that age is super cute.

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