February 3, 2013

Newborn Pics

Here are some of the newborn pics I took. FYI, I highly, highly recommend getting a professional to take your newborn baby pics,and believe me when I say this...They earn every penny!

First, I will mention, newborn skin is really blotchy, and shows EVERYTHING, so what your photographer doesn't mention, is the hours they spend photoshopping just the skin alone. Next, when you are photographer/nurser/mom/trying to work vigorously during your little one's deepest sleep under bright lights, in the room being heated with a space heater (because all the websites mention its important to keep that little naked body warm to keep it asleep), and your thyroid is probably way out of whack because you no longer have one and you just had a baby, so who knows what dose of meds you should be on...let me just say sweating is an understatement here.

So let me start with my uber photoshopped best shots.

Baby in a Box Showing But Crack = Baby in a box showing that her bum didn't get wiped quite good enough after her last poo. This required lots of photoshopping.

I liked this setup, however I couldn't get the hand out from in front of her face, when I finally did she moved her entire body into an unflattering position, then she peed all over the blanket.

The next are pretty sweet, and just required lots of skin deblotching and diaper marks to be taken out.

Now lets go to the ones that didn't work:

This basket one was taken 1 week previous to the one above. First, its amazing how much a baby grows in a week. But the problem with week 1 basket photos, is that she woke up! And since Zander spent the first two months of her life cross-eyed, you can see why these shots weren't working out so great.

So one week later, I try again...

My how my baby grew, so fitting in the basket became much harder, I tried everything, including my foot thinking I would just try to photoshop it out, but then I realize that would look dumb because then she would look like her head was just floating there. I got 1 basket shot out of 400.

Then I tried this cute idea I found on Pinterest, only it was with a sibling pair that had a smaller age gap between them, so even though Calvin is wearing jeans, it looks a bit creepy perverted maybe kiddee pornish.

See I swear, wearing jeans.

And last we have the "Princess and the Pea." The idea is there, but as you can see, the execution was lacking.


Becky said...

I mean to leave that comment on this post, not the hospital pic :)

The Merricks said...

Keep working on it don't stop here. Before you know it you will be all caught up. The newborn pics turned out amazing.