February 2, 2013

Calvin's First Day of Kindergarten

Calvin started Kindergarten this year. He goes to Pioneer School of the Arts. I was so happy he finally got into this school. Boise/Meridian has pretty much cut art from the budget, so this is the only way I could get him in a school that did Art. His teacher is Mrs. Dahle and he loves it! He is learning how to read even better, he had his site words down before he left preschool, but now he is actually reading. It's super fun to see his progression...what's not so fun, is I think he has grown 6 inches since school started. Even looking at this picture makes me sad. I am hoping to make it to the end of the year without buying new jeans, however the jeans that were too long when school started, are about a centimeter away from being floods!

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