November 7, 2011

Halloween and Best Friends

Calvin informed me the other day, "Wemi (Remi) is my best friend, cause she's a gwown up!" So this is him and his grown up friend Remi, trick or treating on Halloween night. By the way, Calvin also let me know that Optimus Prime always looks like that (the pose he is in with Remi).

Calvin with Tresa , Skylar and Tiffany

Calvin trick or treating at Jill and Darron's

RaeLinn's Halloween cake.

Us at the trunk or treat...a little lack luster this year, but I was just glad I could convince Calvin to wear the Grandma jammie over the werewolf costume. I had to tell him over and over again that he just ate the grandma and he was in disguise, stressing the awesomeness of eating the grandma.
Jill and I at the Fusion Magazine Party. It was the easiest thing to be since being Zombies for Calvin's zombie party.

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Leslie and Dave said...

Love it! I can't believe you got Calvin to wear the grandma pj! Well done.