March 13, 2011

Christmas Pics

We had a great Christmas, and Calvin was a very lucky boy. He got a batman car from katelyn, his Trio Batcave from Grandma, a batman fishing pole, books, Moon Dough, movies, and mommy searched high and low for a giant "Breaky Man" otherwise known as Fantastic Four's the Thing. Calvin first spotted a giant ceramic Thing at a gift shop in Spokane. He had a giant melt down over the fact that we refused to buy the $50 ceramic. A. It was ceramic, not really play worthy. B. Sorry kid, I love you but $50 bucks is more than I spend on a just because gift ;) So I searched and searched for something comparable, and I think I found the only available one. He was stoked! Thank goodness!!! Santa also brought Calvin the Dragon house he had been begging for for 6 months. So it was a good day!
Carter, Calvin and Uncle Dane (Can you see the love?)

Bug and Adele

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