January 18, 2011


I hate that I'm so behind, but I have a really good excuse, which I'll probably explain later. Anyhow, here is Halloween finally. I was bummed that Will was out of town because I lost my Joker to go with my trio. Calvin wanted to be Batman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, and like 12 other things, I finally got him to settle one Batman, and bought him a cheapy Iron Man for his class party. Since I like my family theme costumes, I decided to go with Posion Ivy. I was only able to find hooker Poison Ivy costumes available for purchase, so I had to make my own. It was fun though. I bought the green catsuit, and then glued a bunch of leaves that I had previously painted and glittered up to a bustier. I painted some gloves and boots, and then my finishing touch and favorite part of the costume was my eyebrow leaves. Which I glued on with eyelash glue then painted gold paint on my lid and up over the leaf.

We headed to Haunted World after the ward Trunk or Treat. Calvin had been asking to go to a haunted house. I was worried that he was going to be scared to death and permantely scarred, but he absolutely loved it! And I have to say, that is one Haunted House worth the money, they did an absolutely amazing job. I don't know how my kid just laughed through it.

We also brough Max back out for Boo at the Zoo!


Carr Family said...

I love it.... you're so dang creative! I can't imagine wearing a catsuit in front of anyone with my body, so kudos to you!

Rani and Will said...

I promise it was a loose catsuit.