December 4, 2010

more Spokane...

We got to see Katelyn's baptism. It was so fun and we were so happy to spend that special day with her.

Ty came to visit for a little bit, and I can honestly say this is one kid that can give Calvin a run for his money. Calvin was so excited to play with him, but Ty just wasn't as excited to play with Calvin, and spent most of the time in the playhouse. Calvin tried to invite himself inside and Ty slapped Calvin across the face. I think that is the first time someone has stood up to Calvin, although Calvin tried to take him out after that.

The girls convinced Calvin to play dress up, and surprisingly he eagerly complied. Normally he hates all things girly.

Calvin and Emily

In Courd'A lene, Idaho. I ranted and raved to Will how incredible Courd'A Lene is and it was freezing the day we went, still beautiful though.

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The Merricks said...

Carter is laughing- Calvin is wearing a little girl skirt...