October 9, 2010

Ward Campout

Yup, I actually went camping this year...once. It's not that I loathe camping, I actually really like the outdoors and hiking, but I just have certain issues when it comes to camping. A. I have bathroom issues. Besides having bathroom stage fright, portapotties are not my friend, and peeing in the wilderness just doesn't work for me. Thankfully, I have a large bladder and able to reduce my liquid intake so that holding it for a couple days is not a problem. (I do have a 2 day limit though, after holding it for 3 days for girls camp left me with a bad bladder infection.) B. I'm a germaphob. I'm the girl that has to wash her hands for exactly 30 seconds and carries hand sanitizer everywhere. Therefore a lack of washing facilities at the campground takes its toll on me. C. Who doesn't prefer a nice comfy bed over the ground?

These cuties danced and danced, but unfortunately Calvin kept trying to dance with him and they wanted nothing to do with him.

But, on the other hand this patootie loves Calvin, and I would be totally cool, if Calvin married her. This is Krista Theuson. She is Calvin's age and is the sweetest most adorable little girl, not to mention has the most amazing hair.

Calvin and Daddy

We have a string quartet in our ward, actually we may have a whole orchestra. Anyhow, a few of them brought up their instruments to serenade us.

Fishin' with Dad, love this cute goofball. I think he is completely incapable of not being a goofball. By the way he loved camping! I guess he takes more after Will.

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