October 12, 2010

McDonald's is making me miserable...

This stupid cheap piece of plastic will soon be the death of me. As some of you may know, McDonald's recently unleashed a series of Marvel heroes toys in their happy meals...Calvin's dream come true, and my personal hell. Little did I realize that our once fun little reward ritual would turn into a never ending quest to find each and every one of the stupid little toys. I have even surprised myself in some of the actions I have taken to get them, just so that he would quit talking about it. The kid is relentless. The Marvel items were probably there about 3 months ago, however, last week he was at a friend's, who had "The Thing," or as Calvin likes to refer to him as "breaky man." So now going on one week straight, he has tortured me with never ending demands to go to every McDonald's in the state, since he is sure one of them will still have it. And trust me the kid keeps track of the McDonald's we have already been to. The Star Wars skateboards just aren't cutting it...so at what age are kid's suppose to get easier???

update: A sweet woman by the name of April answered my craigslist plea. Calvin is the happy new owner of "The Thing." And he tells me, "I so lucky. I so happy. I have breaky man."  The deal is he will go to preschool without crying and fighting me now, or else "breaky man" goes bye bye.

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Carr Family said...

that was a great idea using craig's list to find it. I loved reading all of your new posts! Miss ya:)