July 3, 2010

I love this Goofball!

As hard as Calvin can be, I'm so glad he has such a great and funny personality. I'm pretty sure he's my dad reincarnated. Here is just a little selection of my personal every day with this kid. Always in costume of some sort, and very determined to wear what he is going to wear.

Those aren't shades, they are goggles... spidey goggles to be exact, but he's cool like dat!

I always get the giggles when I'm so busy working, that I haven't noticed that Calvin has decked himself out in some sort of gear and I look up and find this...

And nothing beats walking around in dad's boots and almost anything can be a "Towrd" (sword) or a "Dun" (Gun)!


Carr Family said...

what happened to his cute little arm?

The Merricks said...

Those pics are hilarious, love the swim goggles for the bike ride!