July 10, 2010

The Broken Arm...

I'm completely and utterly behind in my blogging, but since I posted a previous picture of Calvin's cast, I thought I should get to the post about the entire broken arm. About 5 weeks ago, I was on my way to bookclub and I get a phone call from Will, saying Calvin hurt his arm while jumping on the exercise tramp with his friend Kylie and he won't quit crying, which is rare for Calvin. Typically, when he gets hurts, he cries for a few seconds, we give him a kiss or a bandaid, and he's off and running. In fact, I've have always joked that Calvin could totally lose an arm or break it and I would never know. I often think of the scene from Monty Python where the two guys are fighting and then one ends up pretty much a stump, no legs or arms, but he keeps going and egging the other dude on. That is totally Calvin. He pretty much shakes everything off. So when he wouldn't quit crying, we knew something was probably wrong.

I met Calvin and Will at the E.R. and as soon as I pick Calvin up he immediately quites crying. At this point, we aren't sure if anything is wrong. It looked fine, but now that he's not even crying, we wonder if we look like crazy over-reacting parents.

Even when the doctor is looking at it, she seems to just think it might be nurse-maid's elbow and not broken. So she keeps trying to push it back in place. She is twisting, turning, and the kid doesn't make a peep. Every once in a while he would kind of wince, and would only say it hurt if she asked him. She finally decides to take an x-ray to be safe, thankfully because sure enough, it was fractured on both sides. They sent him home with a brace that night, and the next day he got his cast. He was so brave and took the entire experience so well. He was so good about not getting his cast wet too. When the day came to get it removed, he didn't want to let the doctor take it off, but sufficed with being able to take the stinking graying thing home.

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Becky said...

Good job Calvin! Way to be brave. That cast picture is so cute!!!!