June 19, 2010

There's a new super hero in town...

So this little guy has been wandering the house lately. It's hard to take dinner or prayer time seriously when this is the face is sitting across from you. And the couple days of hot summer we have actually had, Calvin has demanded to roam the neighborhood dressed as Spidey from head to toe. It makes me wonder what people think as they see spider-man sitting on the front of my bike. Hopefully, he is bringing some smiles to their faces, as he does with mine. Thank you Kyle, Ashley, Katelyn, Brooke and Emily for this great costume! Man did you know exactly what he would like!

By the way, there is only one Peter on the planet. That is Peter Parker and he's spider-man. That's what Calvin will tell you anyhow...So if by chance your name is Peter, you meet Calvin, and you don't look like Tobe McGuire, I guarantee Calvin will let you know that you are not Peter, and make you pick a new name.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I am so glad he likes it! Tell Spidey we will see him soon!