June 9, 2010

Die Mom!

Ever since visiting my dad's grave, someone has been a little obsessed with dead people.
The other day Calvin wanted me to get his dinosaur that he had dropped in the car while I was driving. The conversation went like this:

Calvin: Mom! Get my diewhore (dinosaur, yes he really pronounces it die-whore). Get it mom, get it!
Me: No, I can't right now. I'm driving.
Calvin: Mom! Get my diewhore. Peas, get it mom, get it, get my diewhore!
Me: No, Calvin I can't, I'm driving, do you want me to die?
Calvin:  Die? (a question, but you can tell a light just went off in his head)
Rani: Yes, do you want me to kill us dead?
Calvin: Ohhh, (oh means yes) die mom, die!
Me: Really??? You want me to die?
Calvin: OH! Die mom!
Me: Well if I died,I would have to go live in the ground by grandpa and you wouldn't see me for a very long time, do you still want me to die?
Calvin: Die Mom! Die! And be in da ground wid Bampba!

p.s. Did I mention he's been doing his own hair lately??? He tries to comb out all the curls :(


Becky said...

Aaahh that wiley little bastard.

Andersons said...

Nice!! :-)

The Merricks said...

What a little booger, you know he would be the saddest little boy without you.