June 5, 2010

A Batman Birthday

Calvin turned 3 last month, so we did our first friend party...batman style! I had fun going all out with the theme, maybe too much. My sister had to stop me when I tried to do a black and white candy bar, reminding me they were 3-year olds and that black candy = licorice flavor = gross.

I had the best of intentions when I decided to have the Joker come to the party. I first gave all the kids bat capes and masks. My mindset: Joker comes, all the kids play batman and have to find him, catch him and tie him up, etc. However... instead, it started out all the kids crying, scared and running to their parents. Only one brave soul (Remi) had the courage to stand close to him after he was tied up. My original plan was to have each of the kids stand next to him for a picture. I was intending to send out my thank you's with a little picture of the kid and joker, cartoon style, saying "Batman (kid's name) caught the Joker at Calvin's Birthday party." Unfortantely, they weren't going for that idea, however they finally got over being scared and enjoyed pelting him with balls! Will's a good sport, since he always plays along with my crazy ideas.

The festivities continued with cupcakes and presents.

I had some cute ideas for food that I found off some party idea website. I made these cute signs for. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the food table before it got destroyed. We had Poison Ivy Punch (Just green punch, the site suggested adding mint leaves, but knowing 3 year olds, I didn't want them to be afraid of it), Penguin's Pizza, Two-Face Sandwiches (just pb & J), Cat Woman's Claws (Bugles), and Joker's surprise--Faux French Fries, which looked so cute, but didn't taste the best. I also made bat cookies for one of their take home souvenirs, which I bagged and labeled. So here is a pic of the cookie and the signs, it's the best I could do :(

My little crazy face... thoroughly enjoyed his party and had his fill of cupcakes and bat cookies. I on the other hand, decided one friend party every few years is enough...


Hartley Family said...

Wow Rani! Your labels look amazing!!! Wish I could have seen all the fun food- sounds awesome!

Leslie and Dave said...

You are way too creative! So cute.

Kirsten Brockner said...

Looks pretty awesome! You need to come get all Beau's old costumes. He even has a joker one. I agree with the friend party. It wears you out!