March 18, 2010

Hulk Boy!

Calvin's love for superheros has progressed into Hulk form. Jill, got him his new costume (from D.I), that he now wants to wear day and night. I must admit that Hulk isn't my favorite character for him to portray, since he gladly takes on the Hulk persona as well. I'm currently looking for a good Jesus flick and a mini toga.

The following imagery is a perfect reflection of Calvin 24/7...and you wonder why I haven't had a 2nd kid yet... :)

By the way, when I showed him the picture I made via photoshop, Calvin says, "I want dat shirt mom. I be green. I want dat shirt now mom."


Carr Family said...

I just have to laugh because he truly is adorable, and because I'm not the one who has to discipline him:)

Kirsten Brockner said...

Nice pictures! so funny... I remember those days. Come get Beau's old spiderman/batman costumes if you want them:)