January 17, 2010

I Hit da Baby...

So typically I stay and hang out with Calvin in nursery, for the mere reason that he tends to need a little more discipline than the average kid. Since he is bigger than most of the other kids, and doesn't realize his own strength, he can more easily whoop ass. Most of the time he won't intentionally try to hurt anyone, unless they try to steal his toy (which we are working on), but he doesn't realize that not every kid wants to "hib"(fight) with him or play dinosaur attack. He really can be a sweetheart, but he is definitely a boy in all aspects of the word.

So a couple of Sundays ago, I was substituting a class and was unable to be in there with him. When I went to pick him up, the nursery leaders said he really did pretty good until like the last 5 minutes when he started wanting me. I get him in the car and ask him how nursery was and he replies, "I hit da baby!" I said, "You did what!?" Calvin says, "I hit da baby with my shoe." He says this very proudly and points to his foot. I'm horrified, and ask, "WHY, why did you hit the baby? You never hit babies! You should never should hit anyone!" Calvin, "I hit da baby. I torry mom. I toe torry." Me, "You need to tell the baby that you are sorry, and never hit another baby again." Calvin, "I torry baby."

I put Calvin down for a nap. When he wakes up, he immediately tells me, "I hit da baby with my shoe mom." And the next day he goes to my sister's, and apparently tells her the same thing. Clearly, he is way too proud of this fact, while inside I'm dying and horrified. I mean I guess its good he blatantly told us his wrong doings and hopefully that will continue through his teenage years. I just hope this is part of the terrible two's and that by three, he will be a little sweetheart!

(By the way, Calvin is wearing his "robot" socks, at least that is what he calls them.)


Megs said...

He looks like he can be on the show "Glee" I'm just saying. :) He's adorable.

Munniac said...

What a smile!!!

Jessica said...

What a mischievous smile.

Carr Family said...

what a cute little stinker!

Rick and Annie said...

You have got to love boys!:)

Rick and Annie said...

You have got to love boys!:)

jillustrator said...

You should update this post to now include "I poke da baby in da eye, mom".

Leslie and Dave said...

Love the leg warmers!

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