January 16, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning started off with Calvin coming downstairs to see his stockings and unwrapping our gifts. It was so fun seeing him so excited about Christmas this year, although the present unwrapping was a little painful since he just wanted to play with whatever he unwrapped instead of continuing the process.

We had Will's family over for breakfast and had a great time, then afterwards we went to my mom's for presents and Christmas dinner. It was a wonderful Christmas and we all felt so very blessed.

Someone was a little excited about his candy cane!

My favorite gift I got Will, was a "Beard" hat, so that he would have no more beard growing excuses. I can't say that he totally shared the love, but at least he found it humorous. My discontent for facial hair has been deeply rooted since I was a little girl. For some reason, I've always associated facial hair with murders and rapists.

Calvin had instant love for his Mr. Freeze...little did he know what was yet to come.

Jill, Calvin and Jaleese trying to hide from me so Calvin wouldn't have to take a nap.

After the nap we did presents at my mom's.

As you can see, some could hardly contain their excitement...
Others were a little bit more enthusiastic.
Calvin carefully inspecting his "superhero" shoes.
When you get older, you don't always get fun toys for Christmas. Good thing Calvin shared, so that my mom, Jill and I could explore our inner child.
And Calvin was elated by his very Batman christmas...in his eyes, life simply could not get better than this.


Ashley said...

I love all the photos! The ones of you guys in super hero attire are my favorite! You've inspired me to finally do my Christmas post - I don't know how it got to be Jan 16th!

Jacque Hansen said...

Oh my gosh I started laughing so hard when I came upon the pics of you gals in the superhero get-up. Your mom is so cute, haha love it!