January 1, 2010

Batman Love

Calvin's recent love for Batman made me think it was a great idea to buy these pajamas when I saw them. My sister found the snow hat and mittens. It was really pretty adorable when I first pulled them out of the bag and put them on him, the look on his face and how proud he was. You could tell he felt like he was really something special, as a giant smile spread across his face and stayed there the rest of the night. He immediately took on his batman persona, jumping (flying to him) from the stairs and "hibing" (fighting), which means karate kicks and crazy arms.

Anyhow, as cute as it was when he first got them that he wanted to wear them all the time...and by all the time I do mean 24/7 (as you can see in the above picture sleeping in bed), after a little over a month now, I have to say I do have my regrets about the purchase. Longingly, I look at his closet full of cute boy clothes and wonder when and if he'll ever wear any of them again.

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