December 13, 2009

Calvin vs. Santa Claus

So Calvin had a pretty trying day yesterday. He's been sick for the last couple days and not necessarily on his best behaviour right now. Not that that is atypical from most any other day, however I was explaining to him that Santa Claus was coming and that it was really important that he be a good boy, because Santa only brings presents to good boys that listen to their mommies. Calvin's response:

"Shut up, Santa Claus!"

Me: What did you say?

Calvin: Shut up, Santa Claus!

Me: Uh, I don't think that will put you on the good boy list, you better tell Santa you are sorry or he might not bring you any presents.

Calvin: Shut up, Santa Claus!

Me: Ok, I guess Santa can't bring you any presents now.

Calvin: Torry Santa Claus. I so torry!


The Cliftens said...

He kills me! Did you get that email from Denise where you can customize a Santa video for your kid? I just did it for Lola..too cute!

jillustrator said...

I think its actually, "torry tanta clause, I toe torry"

The Merricks said...

Did Santa think he was sorry?

Rochelle said...

so torry!

Kirsten Brockner said...

very funny! Cute outfit!