November 1, 2009

Park City

For Labor day we went to Park City. The first thing I noticed as we are walking down Main Street is that even the moose statues have nicer jeans then you. I walked by and did a double take and said, is that Moose wearing True Religions? So I go back, and sure enough he is, check out the $310.00 price tag.

Calvin loved this bear statue, so we had to take his pic with it.
We stayed in the cutest Condo overlooking Main Street. Here is a view from our balcony.
Calvin loved the stuff at Park City Resort, a Dinosaur Gorilla slide was the ultimate in his book.
I have 5,000 pictures of Will waving at the Camera and not one of Calvin even looking in my direction.
Me and Calvin
Everyone coming down off the slides. We also did the zip line at Olympic Park. It was fun, but probably not worth the price. It didn't even make your stomach flip.
Jill, Bug, Calvin , Jaleese and Darron in the background.
Calvin watching the Labor Day Famous Park City ball race.
Here they come...
I loved these pictures, even with Calvin's chocolate face.


Kirsten Brockner said...

Cute pictures!

Krissy said...

I just have to say that your Halloween costumes are my favorite EVER!!! You must have made are super duper talented!