September 4, 2009

Lucky Peak

Dall's first time wakeboarding in 4 years, goes out and does this...
My Bro
Calvin, Jaleese, and Jacque
Jaleese, Jacque, and Bug
This baby had the time of his life, spent all day on the boat, and enjoyed every minute of it.
Dane and Jacque
Photo bomber, bug, me, Jaleese and Jacque
Me and my cutie patootie!
Aghhhh, a child molestor has my son!
Jill and Calvy
Me and my hair when the boat is not moving, and Bugster.
I love this little head so much! He loved everything about being in the boat.
Smarty pants Poopster, put up the parking break way too far...we lost the race home :(

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The Shosteds said...

i just love you and your family!! You crack me up.... dane holding calvin (child molester)... i'm still laughing!! xoxo