June 25, 2009

Why I love Jaleese

So Jaleese gets a special post for her ability to make me laugh harder than anyone else can. And here is why...

First conversation, as she is telling my sister she wants to see her friend Alex in Florida on the way to California:

Jaleese Simmons: how far away is florida from cali and cali from utah
Jaleese Simmons: ish
Jill: florida and cali around 4000
Jill: cali and utah around 800
Jaleese Simmons: oh
Jaleese Simmons: big differance
Jill: yes
Jill: two are completely across the country
Jill: so my guess is you are planning a girl road trip
Jill: that i will not give my blessings for
Jaleese Simmons: haha not to florida
Jaleese Simmons: but cali
Jaleese Simmons: alex is in florida
Jaleese Simmons: thought about going when we do
Jill: takes 3 full long days to drive there
Jill: almost 4
Jill: really long driving days
Jaleese Simmons: holy cow
Jill: maybe you don't comprehend how big our country is
Jill: or the fact that california and florida are opposite directions
Jaleese Simmons: haha i knew it was farther away
Jaleese Simmons: how far no idea

And the second conversation:

danger.dallan: Does your friend know that you are carless?
Jaleese Simmons: careless?
danger.dallan: car - less
danger.dallan: sans car
danger.dallan: sin carro
danger.dallan: sem carro
Jaleese Simmons: why am i careless
Jaleese Simmons: cuz i missed my car apt once
danger.dallan: oh my freak
danger.dallan: look at the spelling again above
danger.dallan: and I put it in three other languages
Jaleese Simmons: carless
Jaleese Simmons: hahahah
Jaleese Simmons: oh


Megs said...

Yeah not sure Jaleese should be allowed to be left alone after that conversation. :) Too funny.

The Hansen Clan said...

I am crying I am laughing so hard. I love that girl! Thanks for the post.

The Merricks said...

That's my special girl!