May 9, 2009

Calvin’s Birthday Week…Party 1


My baby turned 2! Man I can’t believe how the time has flown. It makes me sad how fast he has grown up.

Anyhow, Calvin got to celebrate his birthday with two parties this year. We did one over Easter when a bunch of my family was in town for Dallan’s Homecoming, and a 2nd on his actual birthday, which was the 23rd. We started off the first birthday, with my sister-in-law Ashley’s impressive cake decorating skills and were able to give Calvin a full blown Elmo extravaganza. Check out this cake she made for him!DSC_2784-1DSC_2764-1 DSC_2775-2

Everyone had a good time sporting the Elmo headgear.



Even Dallan and Dane!DSC_2841-1



Cake time was interesting. Calvin was very concerned that we set fire to Elmo, and so we had to quickly remove the candles and put them in a cupcake, which he was totally cool with being on fire. Although, he wasn’t quite sure about blowing the candles out. He needed a little help.DSC_2805-2

DSC_2832-1 DSC_2826-1

And thoroughly enjoyed by all! Thank you again, Ashley for making such a wonderful and cute cake!!! DSC_2741-1

Present time… thank you everyone for everything, Calvin had a great birthday!





DSC_2969-1 DSC_2915-1


p.s. I don’t know what is going on with this post and the giant spaces. I can’t seem to fix it.

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Leslie and Dave said...

I am loving the drum set!